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As Rhino Tank we manufacture and supply on vehicle equipments, industrial equipments, industrial facility installation, piping, steel buildings, steel constructions, extinguishing installations, hydrants, sprinklers, automations, insulatings, stainless tankers, tanks, tankers, storage tankers, mixers, on vehicle equipment, industrial equipment, industrial facility installations, pipings, steel building, steel construction, extinguishing installation, hydrant, sprinkler, automation, insulating, stainless tanker, tank, tanker, storage tanker, mixer, food tankers, aluminum tankers, sewage trucks, tractor trailer tankers, water tankers, fuel tankers, reactors, stainless tanks, carbon steel tanks, mixer tanks, pressure vessels, exchangers, mobile tanks, serpentine tanks, platform mobile tanks, ground tanks, underground tanks, steel platform constructions... Starting to be active in on vehicle equipments by manufacturing trailers in 1976, company made a structural development by steping forward to be institutional company in Kocaeli in 1993 and established company of Rhino and has continued its activities under the name of Rhino. Company started its manufacturing life with tankers for companies which are leading on water industry and developed itself on this industry by the effects of fast developments in on-vehicle industry and thus company has been among the leading firms in this industry by manufacturing stainless on vehicle equipments and stainless storage tanks. Today Rhino Tank meets requirements of municipality by manufacturing street sprinkler, sewage trucks as well as supplying stainless on-vehicle tankers, storage tanks, reactors, mixers for companies which make transportations of chemicals and make activities on logistic industry. Having 34 years experience and 19 years institutional history, our company continues to meet all needs and requirements of industry with iths professional and open minded working and management staff.

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