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The oil rose (Rose Damascena) or rose oil has been produced in Turkey’s Meditteranean province of Isparta for over 100 years. It is for this reason that Isparta called “The Land of Roses”.
Isparta flourishes with roses and rose′ products and GULBIRLIK is it’s largest rose growing and rose oil producing cooperative. Established in 1954, Gulbirlik is an Union of Cooperatives originally formed by nine founding members. It currently, comprises, six seperate cooperatives, with 8.000 producer partners, four rose oil plants at four different locations and two rose oil solid plants. It processes 320 tons of rose flowers per day during the season and produces rose oil and rose oil solid in conformity with world standards. Gulbirlik is currently the biggest producer of rose oil in Turkey and the leading exporter in the world. Through steady inflow of foreign exchange that it’s exports generate, Gulbirlik has contributed to the Turkish economy and the social welfare of the local community for over 50 years.
As a major supplier of rose oil and rose oil solid to the worlds leading perfume and cosmetic brands, Gulbirlik commited to producing high quality products and offering reliable and consistent services.
In 1998 Gulbirlik embarked on the production of a wide range of beauty and skincare products under the Gulbirlik label. The success of these products prompted Gulbirlik to establih the “Rosense” brand in 2003 and released it’s products to the national and international markets. Today, “Rosense” is one of the most well known beauty and skincare brands in Turkey.

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