year 13 YEAR

Our firm has been started by Haci Emin SALUR in 1952 and in the later years his sons Murat SALUR, Hasan SALUR, Ahmet SALUR and Süleyman SALUR whom have taken over have advanced and made many changes in the organization. As a result the family run firm has become an institution. Our firm is in the food industry and the main productions are Havla, Tahina, Sesame, Jam, Cacao Hazelnut Crema and Grape Juices. Our firm has worked over the years with a great quality of products form an “unchangeable taste”. By working with nutrition engineers and the works of R&D we have been searching for new tastes everyday. Since the day it was founded, our firm has continued production and under our firm there is total of 17 employees as we also target to help the country economy. We have targeted all areas in the country for the sales of products and we have succesfully maintained our mission. We produce in our factory which consists of a closed area of 1200 square meters and we follow new technology constantly while we produce in extreme hygienic conditions consisting of CrNi pottery. Our firm has guarenteed production quality certificates of ISO 9001 and of HACCP. Until now we have acquired our missions with success and we will show the same precise attitude in reaching our missions with success and our further goals. In the changing market in Konya and in the World we will continue as a leading firm with our struggles we represent “the new face of change.

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