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SANES SAGLIK LTD. CO. has been focusing on health care and beauty as a prior mission. We have started to produce our natural soaps under “BIOSOAPY” brand in 2013, basing on all the knowledge and experience we had in the sector, since 2002. What we care most is human health and we make continious efforts to offer a healthier life. We also care about the environment and prioritize the concept "natural". With the motto of "natural" and thanks to our experienced staff; our company is working to increase the variety and quality of our products by continuing its R&D activities for BIOSOAPY brand. BIOSOAPY, has ISO-9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO-22716: 2007, GMP Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate. The raw materials used in the production and the analysis and control of the produced soaps are realized in quality standards. Our company has developed an innovative technique for soap production. It has successfully carried out an R&D project with a focus on human health and in cooperation with TUBITAK. Our soaps, which are compatible with every skin type, have been tested with allergy and skin tests at Yeditepe University in Istanbul, Turkey. There are 10 different types of BIOSOAPY BASIC line soaps. BIOSOAPY WELLNESS line has 6 different soap types, all with natural formulations to provide natural and effective solutions to the skin disorders. BIOSOAPY does not contain any additives, alcohol, synthetics and colourants, as it is made up of completely natural components. Our products are a good source for aromatherapy; not only for the skin but also for the hair, thanks to its natural aromatic oils . BIOSOAPY brand has been created with the aim to increase the quality of human life. We work to ensure you of a beautiful skin and healthy hair and we will continue to be your trustworthy solution partner. We always offer you “natural quality” coming directly from the nature.

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