SARICELIK; has been incorporated under the leadership of SULEYMAN SARI and has started to manufacture machinery for the mining and construction industry and industrial facilities. With our dynamic, experienced and expert technical team we provide machinery of special design, which are state of the art and compatible to technological developments. A main aspect in the reliabilityof SARICELiK in the machinery business is its after sales service and wide range of spare parts. SARICELIK' is the original designer of the whole production program which includes various machines and construction mentioned in the headings • Stationary and portable AGREGA facilities • Crushers, screens, washers, storage machines and equipment • Underground and open mine bulk material conveyors • Conveyors for assembly lines • Package and unit transport conveyors • Steel construction jobs • Mobile crushers With the ambition to renew ourselves continuously we provide our reliable and fast services which are certified according to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and CE . Our principle is to provide the best possible service, right quality, affordable prices and fast service with a professional approach in regard with the trust of our customers.

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