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Since we entered the sector as Sector, we have brought respect to nature and people to our name. In the continuity of the world's change, we have adapted to the demands of people for production and consumption. This alignment has enabled us to manage accurate analysis and advanced target perceptions, but has a solid R & D management. As Sector, we have achieved success with our values ​​and knowledge sources in Turkish and World agriculture. In order to sustain natural life and Turkish agriculture and increase productivity, we fulfill our obligations and diligence in every stage of import and export production. For 16 years, adhering to high values ​​and ethical production line, from our employees to our suppliers, we have been on our way to becoming a big family while preserving all dynamics from our solution partners to our end consumers. With our 16 years experience we gain the smart production facility in agriculture in Turkey. We became the new culture of agriculture. - 15.120 tons of solid plant nutrition production per year - Annual 21.120 tons of liquid plant nutrition production -14,000 tons of product imports from 7 countries - Logistic network with daily 400 tons product capacity -Export to Middle East, Turkic Republics & Europe -23 Distributor - 1,500 dealers,

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