year 9 YEAR

Our company started to provide service to the closed area of ​​16.000 m2 open area 7.000 m2 in Konya organize industrial area with the production capacity of 4.000 pairs of tire shoes per day in 2001. With the additional facilities it has established towards the end of 2003, it has invested in the production of PVC-based injection shoes and slippers, PVC-based mounted linen shoes, thermo rubber-based leather boots and shoes and rubber-based boots to increase capacity to 8,000 pairs per day .. ESKIMEZ Tire Footwear brand mixes regenerated and rubber we produce our rubber shoes in 8 different models. by COMET LINEN SHOES brand PVC-based injection and hand assembled, including two in linen footwear production has 5 different model types and many different colors in sunuyor.2009 consumer appreciation of our options with OTL has received from the TC environment ministry (end of life tires) recycling license with in Turkey As one of the 8 recycling plants, he is recycling old vehicle tires. We collect and recycle environmentally harmful lasiks and use them as the main raw material in the products we produce. 2009 and in position by performing a serious breakthrough in rubber flooring materials in 2010. The company has entered into a leading position in Turkey.

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