Production of Tahini Halva & Tahini is our great-great-grandfather's profession which has a history of nearly 200 years in our family. The "Senollar Food", which was founded in 2010, actually embodies much more profound mastery in its roots. As far as we know, backwards in history, we are the 5th generation in production of Tahini Halva & Tahini, starting with Suleyman (Solomon) grandfather, continued with his son, Husnu (Hosni) grandfather, who has called “Uncle Pasha “. At that time, Uncle Pasha's Halva had fame till the Rhodes Island. Then the profession continued with the sons of Husnu (Hosni) grandfather, “Mustafa Senol” and Suleyman (Solomon)Senol , after them it transferred to their sons Husnu (Hosni) Senol and Hasmet Senol . The oldest written document records achieved, at the old Halva production facility in Bayramic. There was an old halva mixing plate found, on which was written a sentence said in the Ottoman language "produced by the arising need". The displaying date was "1853”. As the fifth generation, we take over the lead of “The profession of the Tahini Halva & Tahini production” business which becomes a life style and natural profession to the four generation before us. Being faithful to the old essence of the mystical and natural production processes and maintaining 100% naturalness philosophy, our goal is to move forward into the future with using the technological infrastructure of the 21.century. We are moving towards to the future generations to transfer the special taste of the two centuries, the experience and the skills with our facility in Canakkale Organized Industrial Zone which has 1000 m2 completely anti-bacterial coated closed production area and 4 Ton daily processing capacity of sesame.

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