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Our Company was established in 1997. It has been manufacturing mobile winches on vehicles and machines for planting new plants or pulls them out from the soil. Using the information and the developing technology we had and our experience, we have been serving among the leaders. The Company takes its power from our accumulated technologic knowledge and experience and from the relation which is shown against our productions. We had manufactured over 400 winches. They are still active and working all around Turkey. Our production is increasing with over 60 winches a year. In lifting capacity our winches reached a great capacity beginning with 9 tone/m up to 225 tone/m according to the base structure.

We have offering a qualified service to the sector with our experienced managing staff and with 45 technical personnel. We have been doing the leadership of the sector.

Our plant is in Konya, at Busan Organize Sanayi, it has got 1500 m² covered workshop and 1000 m² open area. We are in the diligence of responding the increasing demands by extending the capacity step by step in our plant. The distances and tonnages which are said difficult to reach are the happiness and the solving places for SENTEZ. Our Company which is a University and industrialist co-operation foundation has got the Quality System CE Certificate.

Our Company SENTEZ going on its way silently with honorable, determined and consistent steps has got the whole concerning subject and knowledge about our business and aims the customers’ pleasure.

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