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SETAS is a turnkey delivery environmental technology company providing waste water treatment plants, domestic, drinking and process water treatment plants, membrane and recovery systems. SETAS carries out separate or turnkey works in all of the process, project, mechanical equipment production, electrical automation works, assembly and commissioning processes from the construction of the treatment plant. Our head office is located in Istanbul, Kocaeli and Sakarya in a total production area of ​​3500 m²; Manufacturing of mechanical equipment (grating, scraper and condenser, reactor, package treatment systems, duct covers, weir and deflector manufacturing, sludge dewatering equipment, belt press, filter press, filter tanks, osmosis systems, automatic chemical preparation and dosing systems). Electrical automation (MCC panel, PLC, SCADA) works. SETAS has the ability to install and install systems abroad. Especially in the treatment of industrial wastewater (slaughterhouse and meat integrated facilities, animal farms, mining, metal processing plants, recovery facilities, ports, milk and milk products, wood industry, sugar factories, vegetable and fruit washing and processing plants, textile industry waste water treatment, petroleum industry wastewater treatment, paper waste water treatment, chemical production facilities waste water treatment, OIZ (Organized Industrial Zones) wastewater treatment, etc.) experience.

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