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Sienka Group of Companies used ever increasing information and accumulation since its establishment (1996), continuously developed its product range and employed improved production technology for increased capacity to make a significant place for itself in the sector in its 25 years. Currently with our 107 employees and in 4000 square meters indoor area we are actively providing services for our customers from 30 countries. Our ever improving and growing company stepped into two major sectors and achieved success as Sienka Stair Systems and Sienka Facade Systems under the Sienka family. Our purpose as Sienka Aluminum Stainless Steel Ind. Trade Ltd. Co. is to meet all shape and attachment needs of our customers, delivering our products at the correct time to the correct place for minimum cost, and providing fast, high-quality, and authentic services to ensure customer satisfaction. Projects undertaken by our Facade Applications Unit start with creation of a project-based authentic design by our Architecture Department after their thorough analysis and special research and carried out by our R&D Department unwrapping all details into their smallest piece. What is targeted with these services is not just creating an authentic architecture, but also presenting our customers’ investments for the ideal cost with correct choice of materials and correct detail solutions. In this sense, our conclusion of both production and installment stages in-house makes excellent delivery possible. Our Sienka Global Metal Ind. Inc. that provides stair solutions presents its guaranteed aluminium, stainless, and plexi railing applications prepared according to customer requests. Our Architecture Department can design custom-made stairs and railings for every project based on customer requests. Similarly, our R&D Department can create solutions for projects that require special components and installments according to customer requests. We are proud to complete processes in the shortest time and underline that we are there for you at both production and application stages of all railing systems with our expert colleagues. Sienka Group of Companies that has always aimed to provide the best solutions for you takes close care of all processes and meets your demands in the shortest time with guarantee and free of any problems.

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