We′d like to introduce our firm firstly.The firm founded under the name of SIFA OLIVE OIL C.O. L.T.D in 2001 is located in HATAY province of TURKEY. Serving with the profesional sense our company is on the way of becoming NUMBER 1 Oive oil producer and exporter firm as well.Now we are able to feed 3 National Hipermarkets in TURKEY and have foreign importer customer.(USD,CANADA,IRAQ)On the other hand Dear,you will be very pleasure if you commence to work with us and it will be a good cooperation for either company. Our firms products of which are certified with TS EN 9001:2000 and TS EN ISO 22000 as follow: *Extra virgin olive oil *Virgin olive oil*Ordinary olive oil *Riviera olive oil
The pack forms: Ranges from 175 ml to 2 lt as plastic or glass bottle and from 2 lt, to 18 lt as tin.Also we are able to offer you to use your own brand or label.Note: Prices is very suitable And quality is extremely high.Please contact to us to give you a quotation via e-mail

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