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Dear Customer; We as SIMA GIDA company founded in 1990, have been conducting our business thanks to developments and innovations leading the pastry industry from the first day. Today, we are proud to introduce the products we make from fruits grown in our country and SIMA GIDA quality to more than 10 countries. What makes us different from other companies is our ability to produce many different products. Thanks to this ability, especially storage costs of our customers are decreased. We produce six types of canned fruit products and we can deliver these products to our customer in a single container. In addition, we provide the following pastry products with details specified below to our customer under the same shipment. Our customers have the advantage to supply required amounts of products from the same supplier instead of placing different and excess amount of orders from 4 or 5 different suppliers. We provide information below about which fruits are processed during which seasons in order to ensure fresh processing of fruit and quality product delivery to customers since we produce canned fruits. Our whole product range is mass produced under three types as 150 oz., 95 oz. and 30 oz. In addition, we can produce with net and drain weights upon the request of customers. AsSimaGida Ltd. Sti., our most distinguishing feature is that we meet customer requests by our production technology created for this very purpose.

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