Solen, as a company which understands the requirements and palates of its consumers and determines their priorities in accordance with their requests, is the owner of brands such as: Biscolata, Milango, Ozmo, Wapps, Luppo, Lokkum, and Nutymax. Presenting their unique and delicious products to their consumers with the inspiration they receive from their courageous and innovative structure, Solen has an assortment of more than 200 products in the categories of snacks, licensed products, kid’s products and treats. Solen has been rapidly moving up the ladder of success in its business sector both in Turkey and in the world by focusing on passion and on creating difference and thus has been carrying out exports to more than 100 countries worldwide. Solen, who have carried their operations, which have started export-oriented, to an advanced point through powerful brands they have created in the internal market by the time and were elected the first time to the Turquality Program in 2007, is the company which exports the most chocolate and chocolate products in Turkey, according to the TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly) data. Additionally, Solen is ranked in the 47. place of the 2013 top 100 list of CandyIndustry, one of the most important lists of the world in terms of candy products. This story of success of Solen, which reached its 27th year, bears the traces of being bound to their values, being always oriented to the future and to innovation, and of its feature of being courageous, full of energy, ready to explore new tastes, by holding the consumer’s demands and requirements in the foreground.

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