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ST Plast company imports and exports plastic raw materials such as PET Flake, PET resin, PP and PS.At the same time we have a production capacity of 15.000 Tons of PP, PS, PET sheets - foils and plastic cups / food packagin by the latest model production lines of European co-ex technology. Located in 30 countries around the world with our valued customers and suppliers, located in the western natural bridge between East position we are proud to add value to trade with Turkey. ST Plast is presenting special products to customers in plastic raw material and plastic packaging sector with innovative, flexible and sustainable resources. It is a corporate firm that works professionally with its suppliers and customers in a manner suited to its team spirit, while at the same time providing a safe, peaceful and transparent environment and continuity. We have also created a consortium of St Plast Packaging Manufacturers by bringing together 7 specialist local producers who are the first in the world as well. We deliver our products to our valued customers directly. We will be pleased to continue our cooperation with you, our valuable customers and business partners in the future.

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