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Since its establishment in 1982, Standart Civata has been the leading company in the sector, and this is mainly due to the company’s motto of always going forward and achieving better; following up global technological advancements, and continuous investment on people accompanied with expert sales strageties, quality product range and proper service. Keeping in mind that the only thing that does not change is change itself, the company has adopted a vision that is open to change and improvement. Our company, which is located in Izmir Cigli Ataturk Industrial Zone, has a 20.000 square meter warehouse and marketing facility of which 10.000 square meter is enclosed. We are member of NORM HOLDING , with the support of Norm Holding , with its 110.000 tons of production, we became the choice of big companies. Our aim is to keep offering the best to our stakeholders; and in order to achieve this aim, we are making new investments every day. Local marketing network covering 48 provinces in 6 main regions throughout Turkey, we are committed to customer satisfaction and consider our customers real business partners. Standart Civata AS, which is the leader of its sector both in import and export, has not only filled a great gap in production industry through importing drill screw, chipboard screw, threaded rod, flat and spring washer, inox fastener, anchor, hardware and all fixing systems. but it has also brought quality to the market. With a strong export policy based on competitive pricing, high quality and on-time delivery, Standart Civata exports quality to a multitude of countries including Italy, serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt.. The company is also capable of supplying tailored fasteners and has been offering its clients Home Depo and Kanban systems since 2006. Retail sales are offered at its branch office at 1.Sanayi Sitesi. In 2003, the company was granted an ISO-9002 certificate by TSE whereby its product and service quality was certified. The company’s commitment to innovation and improvement is further demonstrated with the implementation of the CANIAS ERP systemin early 2008. This big investment has allowed the company to share its information network with its clients providing a fresh start in the fields of stock management, after-sales services and price policy. This was followed by a further pioneering investment in mid-2008 on a fully computerised retail storing machine with a capacity of 60 tonnes. The company has its own quality control laboratory ensuring the quality of its products.In addition to regional marketing, the company’s specialized staff is also dedicated to offer better service on a sectoral basis and expand its marketing network. Standart Civata, which has established itself as an expert supplier in a multitude of sectors from PVC doors and windows to machinery, construction, furniture, petrochemistry, shipping, electronics and automotive, keeps adding new groups to its portfolio every day. Standart Civata also offers logistics counseling services to Ford Otosan. Standart Civata holds periodical seminars with a view to sharing its experience and knowledge in fasteners, and training its stakeholders about the latest developments and technologies in the sector. Keeping up on and attending local and foreign fairs, and tailoring all innovations to its business, Standart Civata is recognized as a brand name both at home and abroad; and is fast on its way to becoming a globally strong company which leads the fasteners sector in the international market.

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