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2F (Fast&Fresh) company was established in 2014 and produces frozen pastry. Sells its products through its franchisees in Turkey and directly serves customers abroad. As it is known, the frozen paste remains fresh as of the first day even after long time from being produced, it is hygienic and has an average shelf life as long as 6 months when stored at -18 ° C. It is stored at -18 degrees and logistics is done in the same way. Products can be served in edible freshness within a maximum of 1 hour in +4 degree cooler display cabinet at points of sales. Its mission is based on superior quality raw materials and products, competitive pricing and innovative advertising. It’s team is young, dynamic, innovative and well-informed about market conditions. 2F can supply the best raw materials in the market, never compromising on quality and taste. All the products are produced in the hygienic environment and these products present to its customers considering commercial profitability in the second plenary. 5,000 major brand cafes and restaurants throughout the country use our products with appreciation. Apart from the usual standard products, it produces the up-to-date and seasonal products resulting in long-term research and development work. In this way, 2F adds new flavors with each passing day to the frozen pastry sector. We trust our products so much and we are so assertive in this regard, we look forward to presenting our products to you as soon as possible.

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