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Stone Panel is design brand which idetifies with nature and becomes different and innovative, has always new ideas, prepared enviably. Company appeal to a population who doesnt like ordinariness, has got anxiety on the concept of aesthetic. Stone Panel was established with its experienced substructure in 1993 and started to operate in contract, construction, alteration, renovation and in lots of areas. The aim of the managers approach of the company is to reach company’s further targets much more productively and much more decisive by expanding application areas as well as basic education according to branches. Wall covering panels are manufactured for the purpose of providing people to have a natural scene on their walls which they want to see with regard to their generated ergonomy with development of technology and innovations opposite to visual pollution, being one of the major problems which needs to be overcame; because of having the most real like structure. We are proud of meeting our customers who are located in 43 countries all over the world with our high quality products, all of them manufactured in Turkey with %100 domestic capital. Our company is one of the leading firms in this industry with its 20.000 m2 stock and 550.000 m2 manufacturing capacity per year for the purpose of meeting customers’ requirements in a while. Main target in this industry is to keep honestly operating in accordance with moral principles, keep its position in market, develop the brand of Stone Panel with close customer relationships and make much more alive lots of places with colours. A2 fireproof standard in our products. stone panel quality certificates ISO 9001 ISO 14001 TS EN 13501-1

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