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With wide-range product variety, we supply products on demand for distribution to preferred service networks. SU PHARMA has been formed “Quality assurance system” which is approved and inspected by Ministry of Health within the scope of joint distribution and storing manual with the awareness of a care for the human health. Knowledge level of our employees is updated with trainings carried out periodically, so that the delivery is prepared according to written rules and regulations in compliance with product requirements and customer demand. Product acceptance, delivery and storage areas are observed and recorded with cameras for 24 hours. All storage areas are checked with temperature and humidity monitoring devices and recorded in the computer. In case of a change in specified temperature and humidity ratios, the personnel of the warehouse is warned with audible and written warnings and applies required procedures. Cold chain products are stored in our 30 m2 professional cold storage room according to their features and are recorded in the computers with temperature-humidity devices for 24 hours. During delivery of such commodities, they are transferred with approved and calibrated temperature record device of cold chain medication and cold chain procedure is applied carefully. Each commodity entering to our warehouse is checked on medication monitoring system and then accepted. Sold commodities are packed after they are recorded in our computer system. All of the operational processes are checked and recorded with out automation system.

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