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Our company, TANIS MACHINE TECHNOLOGIES is leading agricultural machines manufacturer Company since 1956. We manufacture ,export ,install and commission flour ,semolina, maize milling plants, oilseeds and pulses processing plants, grain stocking and handling systems and feed mills with the latest modern technological methods with any capacity range designed as compact or concrete construction forms in 25,000 closed area in Gaziantep Organized industrial zone. We have obtained to certificate our quality standards to ISO, CE, TUV and TSE norms with the first modernization in 1990. Within the second modernization in 2014-2015 renewed our image in terms of institutionalism, professional management and new bands as; TANIS FLOUR MILL TECHNOLOGIES TANIS SEED PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES TANIS FEED MILLING TANIS GRAIN HANDLING SOLUTIONS TANIS CO. is active in Milling industry. Milling industry seperates a few main sectors. TANIS CO. has knowledge about very large information with sectional experience. The company desires that serve properly with its young and intellegence staff. Its knowledge and experience about the milling industry never the same with its opponents. R & D department working with new ideas and thinking innovative in working princible. A Journey that Never Ends, Lasting for 60 Years..

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