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In 1999, TAR-TAS started to operate as a large and modern frozen food processing facility in the town of Mustafakemalpasa. Having started to produce frozen food with vegetables and fruits in European Standards and quality, it has created an increasing market in European countries and increased the production capacity by 50% by establishing 2nd shocking unit (IQF = Individual Quick Frozen) Today, TAR-TAS ranks first among its competitors with 8.000 tons of storage and 10.000 tons / year production capacity. 70% of the production is exported abroad and the rest is evaluated in the domestic market. TAR-TAS, which has acquired the principle of quality and development in every area, has increased the product variety until the present day and it has become all kinds of products with the investments it has made. All products are produced according to "ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management and HACCP Food Safety" systems and all phases of production are recorded. Microbiological and physical analyzes of all processed products are carried out in a factory built in the factory. In addition, pesticide analyzes are carried out in accredited external laboratories. TAR-TAS has established its market in European countries with its quality, service understanding and fairness in the market since its establishment. All kinds of products can be produced according to the required specifications with trained and experienced personnel working in production, quality, storage, technical, pre-accounting and sales departments. T-TAS; They will have finished their branding work with the GreenLand-brand, will be on the market, and will continue to exist thereafter. In addition, manufacturing programs for large-scale production of freight are being made and can be manufactured in the direction desired by the factory customer. Our company Tar-Tas will continue to grow and grow with each passing day by not sacrificing quality, health, hygiene, reasonable price and gual-faced service policy. All employees in the Tar-Stone headquarters and branches are professional in their jobs and serve a single purpose from top to bottom. This purpose; to be a first-class company in all areas both at home and abroad.

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