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Our company, which was going to recreate in 2000, took the name of Tarko (Registered Trademark). With new products, cleaning and cleaning products sales departments continue to work by passing the activity. It raises education and income levels. This awareness is estimated by our company. In 2006, it was supported by hygienic products of 2500 pens in the service and health sector to try to create HygienMarket (Registered Trademark) Mark. Hygiene Market Day; website, catalog and store infrastructure. In 2007, PaspasMarket (registered trademark) is at our company. In 2009, we started production of garbage bags, sinks, wc brushes, paper towel dispensers, wc papers and similar products, which were exported with Okinox (Registered Trademark) Mark. It belongs to Ophardt of German origin. Sales of seeds suitable to the hygiene concept of many reliable brands in Turkey. Retail and wholesale. I am supplying many national brands. Activity area; All are Turkey and neighboring countries. Basic operations; import, manufacturing and franchises. Appropriate designs are available for the environment and purpose. Basic commercial philosophy; The most appropriate product of the customer's actual needs and suitability is to offer at the most cost effective.

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