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We would like to introduce our company 'TASAS Aluminium' to improve your products. TASAS Aluminum is an integrated factory operating in aluminum industry for more than 30 years, Turkey in Konya. It has 20000 square meters of industrial area in 2.Organize, and has been manufacturing aluminum profiles since 1989. In TASAS Aluminum factory, there are 2 pieces of 7 inch presses at the power of 1600 tons and 6 tons of press capacity of 2000 tons. We produce round profiles up to 176 mm and horizontal profile panels up to 300 mm. We have 9000 tons of continuous vertical casting capacity per year, and all sizes of billets are produced here. The factory has a static powder coating facility to paint up to 13,60 meters of profiles. With a continuous casting capacity of 6000 tons per year, different diameter billets are produced in the foundry. By this way, TASAS Aluminyum® is capable of providing services to various sectors. If you need a profile which is not included in the catalog, we are able to produce custom made products. We wish you to contact us in case of a need. Thank you,have a nice day :)

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