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Operating in production of solder alloys and chemicals field in compliance with intended technical standards and purity which are the necessity of advanced industrial applications, Tassol serves its sector since 22 years. Tassol defines its basic operation field as providing a product with a solid shape and a fair price in terms of the solder and its products. Tassol takes place among the leading corporations of Turkey in the field of production of the solder alloys and chemicals today, based on its investments in technological substructure and R&D (Research & Development) in the direction of target of producing the products with best quality with the fairest prices. Tassol also manufactures various products along with the solder and its side products. Wide range of products of Tassol is always updated and they are in compliance with recent technology for the need of all small-sized and large-sized companies in the sector. Tassol produces special products with various alloys and forms based on special orders and directed to various fields in the sector. One of the important works of the company is reflection of quality and fair price to all products. Cost is an important factor for high-capacity consumptions. Tassol is one of the challenging companies in the sector in terms of the product manufacturing with quality and fair price. As Tassol, the most important sensitivity is always having the produced products in compliance with local and international standards. Thus, Tassol monitors the technological developments constantly in the sector and it is always in contact with the quality corporations.

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