Tat Gida Sanayi A.S., which is the Turkey’s one of the oldest and well-known food company and had been located under Koc Holding’s roof for 40 years, is the one of the world’s top 5 tomato process factories. Our mother company, Koc Holding, is a Fortune Global 500 corporation (ranked at 222nd for 2012 with $ revenues and $ profits), comprised of 98 consolidated companies. 47 % of Tat Gida shares are traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange. We have partnership with Sumitomo and Kagome for tomato business. We have 4 main brands (Tat – Pastavilla – SEK – Maret) & 6 facilities. Under these brands, we are producing Tomato products including tomato paste, diced tomato, whole peeled tomato, ketchup, mayonnaise, canned vegetables, Pasta products, Dairy products (Milk, Yoghurt etc.), and Meat and Charcuterie products. In our standard product range, we have more than 700 products. All the productions are being made in full accordance with European standards and regulations. We are exporting about 45 countries on all over the world. Our main business is tomato paste and tomato products. We are the one of the world’s top 5 tomato process factories. Main export countries: Japan, Russia, Iraq, EU countries, U.S.A, Canada, Korea, Thailand, New Zealand, Haiti, Africa, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus etc. Tat Brand Products: Tomato paste, diced tomato, whole peeled tomato, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, canned vegetables, ready meal, jams, 100% juices, nectars etc. Production capacity: 182.000 tons of tomato based products and canned vegetables Pastavilla Brand Products: Spaghetti and short cut pasta products. We are producing pasta products under Pastavilla, Lunch & Dinner, Kartal brands and private label. We are exporting about 15.000 tons of pasta products to approx 30 countries. We are market leader in domestic market with our Pastavilla brand in premium segment. We are exporting about 4000 tons of Pastavilla products to Japan. Production capacity: 72.000 tons of pasta

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