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About Us As Electrical and Electromechanical Company, we produce all the designs that the market needs. With our professional AR-GE and our 30-person expert team, we can design according to your needs with the sheet metal types you want (SHEET METAL GALVANIZED ALUMINUM DKP) Tekniksat Electrical and Electromechanical are ready to become the leading companies in the metal sector in line with the market and the wishes of our customers. Mission To ensure the continuity of our company thanks to a structure composed of hardworking, dynamic, honest and beloved people, to create a peaceful commercial environment based on the satisfaction of all of our stakeholders, to perfect the production process by utilizing new and technological equipments and to eliminate the time lost, to ensure that all kind of product reaches our customers. Vision By continuously renewing our production line according to the latest technological developments and adapting to the most innovative and creative trends seen in the sector all over the world, we are able to meet the demands of our customers with our own designs in the best way; It is also always an entrepreneurial and competitive institution to take active roles in local and national markets.

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