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As Teknopan we supply and export electric panels, industrial electric materials, industrial electronic materials, wall type panels, vertical type panels, computer cabins, pc cabins, air conditioning accessories, automation systems, cables, lines, connectors, controllers, electronic housings, relay modules, electric panel, industrial electric material, industrial electronic material, wall type panel, vertical type panel, computer cabin, pc cabin, air conditioning accessory, automation system, cable, line, connector, controller, electronic housing, relay module, control buttons, emergency stop buttons, fieldbus connections, pedals, contact blocks, contact boxes, automations, circuit protections, electronics components, wiring devices, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, flexible hoses, spiral hoses, fittings, wire ducts, connectors, flexible ducts, spiral sleevings, locks, gaskets, hinges, cable terminations, fasteners, fiber connections, pipe tools, electrical connection systems, holemaking tools, crimping dies, control button, emergency stop button, fieldbus connection, pedal, contact block, contact box, automation, circuit protection, electronics component, wiring device, hydraulic system... TEKNOPAN Co. Ltd. that takes its place among automation and electric market growing in Izmir in 2001 continues on its way for becoming one of the biggest names in the market with its sales and post-sale support services. TEKNOPAN that aims to keep its career in the market at the highest level in order to inform you about the developments by following the developments closely and provide necessary technical support continues its works with the happiness of being able to give an excellent service to you with training programs both in house and out house. Our Mission Teknopan proceeds on the path of becoming a leader company in the sector with its mission in the industry and trained staff that has high vision as well as with its high, comfortable, modern technological products which know the responsibilities of the work done. Our Vision Being a captain company in the industry that constantly improves in the sector by creating new opportunities and offers innovative products. Our main vision is, with our staffs that are open to technological development, trained, expert and innovative, to provide service with an approach that proposes solution rather than creating problem without causing the companies we work with to lose time.

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