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Tekyataganli Agricultural Machines is a deep-rooted company which has the experience of producing 75 different agricultural machines in 14 product groups with the world standards including the harvest machines.

Joining the experience of so many years with the technology and the need of the age, Tekyataganli has become a leading company in the market. Thus Tekyataganli is contributing to one of the most important aspects of the economy of the country which is based on agriculture.

The power it receives from large product range, contemporary technology and quality understanding the company has been able to compete with the foreign companies and thus it has gained an important share abroad, having 13 years of export experience. Tekyataganli is exporting to many countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Far East.

Thinking of decreasing the labor of the peasants and increasing the output, Tekyataganli has aimed avoiding any decrease in the quality and satisfaction of both local and foreign peasants and it will continue to serve the peasants.

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