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As Telefoncular we manufacture and supply hot rolled product, hot rolled products, structural steels, construction steels, flexion construction steels, endurance construction steels, abrasion resistant steels, stainless steels, plasma cut services, oxygen cut services, laser cut services, guillotine cut services, cold cut services, cnc laser cut services, press brake flexion, structural steel, construction steel, flexion construction steel, endurance construction steel, abrasion resistant steel, stainless steel, plasma cut service, oxygen cut service, laser cut service, guillotine cut service, cold cut service, cnc laser cut service, structural steels S 235 JR, structural steels S 235 JRG2, structural steels S 235 J2G3, structural steels S 275 JR, structural steels S 275 JRG2, structural steels S 275 J2G3, structural steels S 355 JR, structural steels S 355 J2, structural steels S 355 J2+N, structural steels S 355 J2G3, structural steels S 355 J2G3C, structural steels P 355 GH, structural steels S 355 NL, structural steels S 460 NL, high durability construction steels S 690 QL, high durability construction steels S 890 QL, high durability construction steels S 960 QL, high durability construction steels S 960 MC, high durability construction steels S 700 MC, high durability construction steels DOCOL 1000, abrasion resistant steels HARDOX 400, abrasion resistant steels HARDOX 450, abrasion resistant steels HARDOX 500, abrasion resistant steels RAEX 400, abrasion resistant steels RAEX 450, abrasion resistant steels RAEX 500, abrasion resistant steels XAR 400, abrasion resistant steels XAR 450, abrasion resistant steels XAR 500, abrasion resistant steels QUARD 400, abrasion resistant steels QUARD 450, abrasion resistant steels QUARD 500, abrasion resistant steels ABRAZO 400, abrasion resistant steels ABRAZO 450, abrasion resistant steels ABRAZO 500, abrasion resistant steels ESSAR 400, abrasion resistant steels ESSAR 450, abrasion resistant steels ESSAR 500, stainless steels 304, stainless steels 304L, stainless steels 321, stainless steels 316, stainless steels 316L... Mustafa Cinar Bey (1898-1961) who was Liberation war veteran and had national medal, dealt with agriculture for a while in Konya province Obruk district where he was born after the war ending and the foundation of our republic and started working in Post, Telegraph and Telephone General Directorate of (PTT) institutions of the new republic in 1928 as being responsible from the maintenance and repair of a specific route passing from his district. Mustafa Bey and his family was known with this nickname of "Telefoncular" for being the single responsible for the telephone lines in the district. CINAR Family has chosen to become corporate with the brand of TELEFONCULAR by protecting this tradition and family nickname. OUR MISSION Our mission is to be the most preferred business partner in market as a company which does not make concessions to business ethics, honesty, respect, trust and quality in accordance with our main assets. As a corporate company which provides all kinds of technical and technological requirements in sector, adapting the innovation and technology in its system within constant development understanding and aims the best in accordance with the expectations of our customers, it is our priority to protect the stability in customer satisfaction and quality OUR VISION To give life and the add sustainable value to each metal in every field we focused with our business understanding with we have shaped with entrepreneurship, innovation and reliability. Our vision is to be "a leading company in sector" with the our understanding which adapts the qualified and efficient production approach to its suppliers, employees and customers, provides the high level customer satisfaction and provides more than the expected with the continuous development awareness.

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