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Tibet Makina was established in 1969, in IZMIR TURKEY by Temucin Arbak, under the name of ACS. Following several years of its establishment it supplied to the automotive industry and thereafter to iron-Stel cement industry, ceramic industry and leather industries according to the increasing demand. In 1978, excavator production has begun in Turkey, Tibet Makina started to produce slewing rings. In late 80′s the company channeled its entire production to slewing rings and invested according to long-range plans. As of 1997, Tibet Makina started to build its new facilities and continues its production there since November 1998. All of the investments, which are made according to mid-and long-range plans, are made with the firms; own capital. Tibet Makina matches the entire demand of the crane and industrial machine producers in Turkey. The company's core philosophy is maintaining its leadership in the sector with its quality and customer satisfaction policy.

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