ida Tejarat Co. has been established its business in agriculture products field since 2005.Creativity , innovation , science & technology , proficiency & experience , planning & programming , quality & knowledge have been played an tremendous & impressive role on company ‘s advance & growth & forwarding it towards to achieve its targets & aims & is continuously keeping on as well. What includes & involves of the office is that in beside of delivering satisfying services to dear customers in order to supply & support customers’ demands; it aims to expansion & develop IRAN, the great‘s food culture & records from past by today. IRAN is a vast country, rich in natural resources which has been associated into its ancient culture & history. Today, we are to keep our country & its rich culture & history alive & everlasting together with developing extensive & specialized nets per export & issuance of products & achievements of IRAN & pervade into the global market more & more than previous & ever. Regarding to IRAN geography & climate, unfortunately we face to lack of some products that are not produced or cultivated in our country, therefore, we launched to provide & supply our Iranian customers’ demands of their inquiries & other customers from every point of world, directly connected to top factories & companies global. Every step we forward, we actualize our slogan which banners that “YOU DESERVE THE BESTS, BECAUSE DIOMANDS ARE FOREVER! “.

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