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With over 30 years of agricultural activities and more than 15 years of experience in the Irrigation Sector, our efforts to produce our products with the experience gained in line with the needs of plants and irrigation systems have enabled us to reach a conscious production phenomenon. Topguoglu is trying to provide the highest performance in all its products by using ecological protection and irrigation pipes by working with the nature and the producers. Being aware of the benefits of this to both the manufacturer and the nature, we try to get the highest performance in our pipes. The destruction of plastic wastes in ecological environments is approximately 400 years. This can cause serious damage to both nature and our future. Unfortunately, today, packaging and plastic products used by many sectors are left to nature. As Topguoglu Plastic, we try to ensure that these plastics, which are considered as waste, do not harm the nature by using them again in a harmless way. With this, we ensure that those who use our pipes and protect both the environment and produce less costs. Currently, we supply products to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, Romania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Qatar and Turkic Republics. Our mission is to provide products to more countries next to the countries we operate in. In this context, we provide commercial communication with all countries in which we operate and are not, and we provide all the specific needs directly with these communications. Topguoglu Irrigation Systems aims to protect the environment and the producer in all products it produces. With the least costs, it is a useful company for agriculture and irrigation sector with its share of research and development in order to get maximum efficiency and will continue to maintain its place.

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