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We produce cosmetics, antiseptics, disinfectants and veterinary medicine. In cosmetics group we produce body creams and lotions, diaper rash cream, callus removal liquid, hair shampoo, talc powder, lubricating gel, ultrasound gel, fly repellent. In the antiseptic group, we produce lice shampoo, scabies lotions and creams, antiseptic skin solutions (ethanol, povidone iodine etc.). In the disinfectant group, we produce medical disinfectants designed for professional use in clinics, dental clinics, hospitals and examination centers. They are developed for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, surgical instruments, dialysis equipment, as well as other special applications. In our veterinary medicines group, we are specialized in developing products for foot care, mastitis and skin injuries. Our company can also be a supplier to your company if so demanded. You can contact with us about the production of other products that are not listed. WHY US ? We produce and offer quality products economically to our valued customers.

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