TOSUNLAR Co. was established in 1978. TOSUNLAR Co. begun manufacturing dorse dumper and brake drums.
In 1991, added to previous activities started producing steel castings for agricultural machinery, automotives and general machinery sectors.

Along the following years grey casting production was also included. Nowadays, TOSUNLAR Co. is in a capacity of manufacturing products in the range of GG.15 - GG.30 ( lamella graphitic cast iron ) (1kg-25kg) of different qualities and spheroid productions in the range of GGG.40 - GGG.50 ( spheroid graphitic cast iron ) (1kg-14kg).

Also, low carbonized, high carbonized and specially alloyed casting upon request.

Molding processes are performed in disamatic 2013 vertical molding lines without grade and horizontal molding lines in control of laboratory. Mineral preparation is performed in full automatic PLC controlled preparation unit. Melting is performed in Inductotherm brand double crucibles having 500 kg capacity and double crucibles having 1000 kg capacity.

2000 tons/year of 7000 tons/year casting capacity is realized as steel casting.

We aim at producing qualified cast iron for all industrial fields using cast iron by closely following technological developments.

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