The TaluTrade Group is an Istanbul, Turkey based group companies which is operating in the technical textile, industrial packaging and agriculture-food industries. The group is active on three continents, and works in partnership with many companies and institutions that are global leaders in their specific fields. The TaluTrade Group values continuous learning, growth and development, and owes its strength to a dynamic, flexible and pro-active organizational structure. The TaluTrade Group values its human resources and creates a work environment with a strong team spirit. The TaluTrade Group has a powerful international presence, boasting a global network of business relationships. The group keeps a close eye on developments in the international marketplace, and is currently active in many leading centers of global trade, including North America, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, China, Indonesia, South Africa, India, Korea, Egypt, Thailand, Germany, France and Turkey. Boasting a wide communications network, the TaluTrade Group offers high quality service and professional experience to all its business partners. TaluTrade is a result oriented organization and a swift and efficient supplier, offering flexible financial solutions to its business partners. In addition, the group is committed to serving the community and the environment, and is actively involved in many non-profit social responsibility projects. Our vision is to become a global player by performing a sustainable growth in cooperation with our customers, suppliers and employees.

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