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TUNEKS is the success story of people who carry the inspiration from their core values ​​beyond the oceans by opening the imagination and making it id difficult lar easy and inden impossible arak possible. In 1994, we opened the doors of the bakery machinery sector with the repair and repair of furnace machines. In 2001, we started to produce quartz machine as a bilen rma, which is closely acquainted with the problems of the sector with 4 machines per month in an area of ​​100m2. The machine we started to produce has brought us a step closer to our goals. Customer satisfaction is more than the machine manufacturing to see this vision in every stage of manufacturing has made it a principle. From the day we entered the sector to the present day, we were rightly proud to offer the services that our customers deserved before and after the sale. At the point we have reached today, with our continuously developing and renewed technology, we are rapidly moving towards becoming the pioneer of the sector by increasing the quality of the products and services we produce.

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