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TURGUTLAR founded in 1986 and every year diversified its production. Turgutlar had a favorite place in the field of workstation equipments and office furniture. Its customer portfolio reached 6.500 during this time. Turgutlar has been serving product range of bunk beds, beds, dining room and office equipments, office furniture. Company's main principles are customer satisfaction, high quality and product diversity. TURGUTLAR production scheme is the first metal band, including bunk beds and lockers.The second group named textile group and its consist of beds, pillows, duvet covers, quilts and blankets.The following third group consists of designed a manufactured office furniture segment in BIANOS brand. It serves to foreign and domestic customers with all these mentioned products in 20.000 square meters outdoor area and 10.000 square meters indoor area. TURGUTLAR GRUP has become the best with its "Resource-Quality-Price" principles.

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