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Having the biggest mineral water factory of Middle East and Balkan Countries, Kizilay Mineral Water Co. started its business life in 1926. Company increased its production capacity for hour to 210.000 bottled mineral water and annually to 750.000.000 bottled mineral water with 5 production lines in Afyonkarahisar and Erzincan factories. Company offers this gorgeous mineral water of nature with plain mineral water, fruit flavored mineral water and mineral water with fruit juice kinds without compromising from its natural production and quality since its establishment. Kizilay Mineral Water Co. has met with customers in Turkey since 88 years and recently in 16 countries such as, Germany, Arabia, Austria, Australia, Belgium, France, Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, Russia, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Norway, Azerbaijan. Considering important of research and development activities, Kizilay offers lots of delicious and different products to customers' taste. Kizilay Mineral Water increased its mineral water taste to 13, products range to 19 with new products which offers to market. Product Ranges; Plain Products: Refundable Glass Bottles, Non-refundable Glass Bottles, Pet Bottle Flavored Products: Lemon, Apple, Watermelon-Strawberry Products With Fruit Juice: Pomegranate, Apple, Mandarin Product With Vitamin: Cherry B+, Strawberry B+ Products For Children: Orange - Apple and B Vitamins Some of new flavors has got a big interest for the reason of its content, some of them for the reason of a lack of alternatives on the market. Income surplus which is earned from mineral water sales, is used in the direction of Turkish Red Crescent's (helping and mercy hand of Turkish people) aims and duties and it helps Turkish Red Crescent to get stronger.

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