Our company that was founded in 1986 by Ali TURKOZ began production by manufacturing the first domestic pasteurizer. Our company that manufactured within a 250 m² workshop in Anadolu Sanayi (Anadolu Industry) produced in its structure the machines which can process other products after pasteurizer in the milk sector in progressive years. Together with the rapid increase of production, it moved its factory to 2.000 m² closed and 20.000 m² open area at Eregli Yolu 14 km and increased the number of workers until 40, so gained acceleration for its production with automatic welding, laser and punch lathes. In the milk sector, it produces milk cooling, storage, stoning tank, milk intake and measurement, pasteurization, exchanger, white cheese, kashkaval cheese, cup yoghurt, strained yoghurt, yoghurt drink, drinking milk, curd, butter and CIP units with the latest technology. Our company took an industrial design certificate for the rollbond system it developed in the sector with R&D works and in this way, it opened a new era in steam heating boilers. It also developed tubular and plate pasteurizer system to pasteurize the pulp fruit juice and honey. It also offers performance in other sectors as well as its production in milk and food sector. It produces mixer, permil, reactor and tanks for the paint, chemical and drug sectors and exports them to the foreign lands. Our company attached a great importance to the quality production that is the requirement of today and of future. It works regarding those matters took TSEK (Turkish Standards Institute) for its pasteurizer machines and then added TS EN 13732 certificates amongst them for cooling tanks, and accelerated its works for other certificates. In order to provide the best the most quality the most economical and the fastest aftersale service; we are at your service with our specialist staff.

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