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HISTORY : • Dealing as a cotton expert and stock agent since more than 40 years. • Our establishment commenced its production in 1995 • Began Open-End yarn manufacturing in 1997 • Ring Spun Yarn Area was added in 2002 • Knitted fabric manufacturing started in 2004 • Ring Melange Yarn manufacturing started in 2016 • Vortex Yarn Area was added in 2016 AREA : Our manufactory has 33.400 m2 total and 20.130 roofed over area. CAPACITY : Our production per day capacities are : •12.000 kg for Open-End yarn •8.000 kg for Combed •8.000 kg for Knitting fabric •12.000 kg for Vortex yarn •6.000 kg for Ring Melange yarn STUFF : Our group, as a progressive and fair organization, has skilled 210 employees. hakkimizda2 OUR VISION : Our vision is, being one of the pioneer firms of the world with our qualified and fast service, happy employees, business ethics, social responsibilities, as well as our knowledge, technology, improver character and commercial success. OUR MISSION : • Contribute to country economy by creating regional employment • Practicing low cost and qualified production by investing in human and technology • Keeping capacity utilizing rate and productivity in the highest grade • Providing highest level of customer satisfaction and service quality • Performing Social responsibilities with taking care of happy employees environment and nature • Being a leader for other companies with our success and ethics QUALITY : Our production quality conception includes all the processes since raw material entrance until shipment. RAW MATERIAL : Fiber kinds used in our yarn: • Extra Standard 1 Aegean cotton or American First Quality cotton in Ring yarn. • 100% American origin cotton in Open End yarn • First Standard Quality in Viscosa yarn • 100% or percentaged organic cotton in Combed, carded and OE yarn. We also do provide special blending according to customer needs. PRODUCTION : • Our yarn is being manufactured with the process of “Double Foreign Fiber Control” both in Blow Room Machinery-Blending Hopper and in Winding. • In Open-End plant we have not only a “Foreign Matter Separator” in Blending but also “Corolap” in every machine. • In Ring plant, beside of foreign matter separator in Blending, also thanks to “Uster Quantum 2” in Winding machines, we provide maximum quality in yarn as well. • Manufactured fabric is being checked in “Open With” or “Tubular” knitted fabric quality control machines. LABORATORY : • USTER Tester 4 • Yarn Control • Tensomat Premier • Strength • ART Premier • Cotton Control • ETT • Twist Control • Yarn Number Control • Electronic Sensitive Scales • Circular/ Weight in Grams Sample and Pattern Cutters During manufacturing all the controls are being made in our laboratory favorable to international standards. Our firm has “Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate” and “GOTS Organic Certificate”. R&D : Beside standard production, our experienced personnel work on special qualities and product diversification, due to market demands and customer needs. Our group also works with “Ege University, Textile Engineering Department” in Research and Development projects.

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