year 6 YEAR

We know well the importance and meaning of the Agreement. Hope Group, has been operating since 1992. Since the Payas region of Hatay. Electricity, winding, which started automation systems with business experience, Steelwork manufacturing and assembly; (villas, factory buildings, social facilities, manufacture roof ...) Insulation (pipe, roof, heavy industry, and all types of insulation works) Iron and Steel Products (all kinds of rebar, coil, rod, flats, buy, angle, profile) Manufacture and installation of ventilation ducts (air conditioning, heating, cold air ducts) Construction (Cooperatives, Sites, Business Centers, social areas Interior Exterior Landscape Architect Added service items, successfully sought in those areas in which it operates, trusted, it has been a friendly hand. Combines and 30 white-collar staff and 170 blue-collar technology and aesthetic commitment. Every day the expanding business, talented, dynamic, has also contributed to giving productive employment of human resources.

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