A little bit about us: Established in 2014, TAMA blends Turkish quality and refined craftsmanship with the raw colors and fresh modern designs delivering superior quality to every stylish home. Our product line includes a variety of hand-crafted towels, throws, peshtemals, and robes made of higher quality Aegean cotton making every item plushier and more durable. It has been only several months since we launched in the US market. We have been featured in "My Domaine - The Raddest Beach Towels You Have Ever Seen ", "The Grommet", "Bezar", "Monoqi", etc... If you're interested in featuring our products in by Nord, we'd love to talk with you in depth and would be more than happy to send you our line-sheet. PS: We guarantee 3 day shipping and hold a big inventory with lower MOQ rates. Thanks,

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