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M. Ali UZUNYAYLA the chairman of Uzunyayla Corporate Group who started the business with photography left 6.5 year public office and founded Uzunyayla Building which was his first company in 1991.

Uzunyayla Group continuing the works of Construction, Road, Barrage, Housing, Infrastructure and Superstructure proceeds with the first industrial plants which was built in its region.

Uzunyayla Group finishing the projects of Housing and Factory in numerous cities of Turkey like Izmir, Ankara, Bingol and Mersin till now continues its business in the industry sector mainly.

With the Gulbahar Barrage in 1996 the company experienced its first barrage experimentation. In 1996 the company made its first investment to industry to provide brick needs of Bingol, Mus, Erzurum, Elazig, Tunceli by building Genc Brick Facility in Bingol.

With the awareness of “Earthquake does not kill but unqualified constructions take lives.” the company met the needs of ready mixed concrete of the market by establishing two Ready Mixed Concrete Plants which one of them was in Bingol and the other was in Elazig.

Uzunyayla Group making a point of quality in industry sector got the breaking and screening plants started in 2003 to manufacture concrete material from rock on the purpose of meeting the high quality expectations.

The company still continues to meet the needs of lockedstone of the region by establishing lockedstone and border plants in 2009.

The company has started the construction of Bilaloglu Regulator and HES Project by taking into consideration of the electricity necessity of our country to generate 40.000.000 kw/hour electricity with Electricity Generation License of 11.110MW installed power taken from Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK). It will be taken into operation in 2012.

The company has already partially completed the 135 Housing project under the name of Uzunyayla Buliding Complex having property in Narlidere, Izmir and continues to complete this project. It also is planning to make new investments in 2012 with the factory which was built on 22 decares in Golbasi County of Ankara in 2009.

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