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Our company is the LPG & CNG and alternative fuel systems manufacturers and exporters in Turkey. As Vikars, our company established in 1999 in Bursa, Turkey. Today, we are one of the industry's most experienced manufacturer as well as , young and dynamics company with the enthusiasm of 16 years of age. What are we doing? As VIKARS family, we are designing our own products, manufacturing and marketing, as well as, we are producing for other brands whose working in LPG & CNG conversion system and wants to be produced by VIKARS quality. We also work as a boutique enterprise who can provide customized solutions to those who needs. What can we promise? We have achieved ambitious results in terms of fuel consumption and savings with Diesel/LPG, Diesel /CNG dual-fuel conversion system which we are launched recently. On the other hand our success in the production of automotive industry products as LPG & CNG systems, air brake and clutch centers are already certified by our customers. We produce high quality products at competitive prices to offer our customers. We are happy to contribute to the conservation of nature.

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