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We... Vize Casting Ltd. was founded in the old foundry building which is in total area of 250 m2 in 1998. Our new foundry building completed in 2010 which is in total land area of 6.500 m2 with a total closed area of 1.200 m2. The Vize Town that our company originated his name from this town is in the THRACE side of Turkey and between Istanbul and Edirne City. Vize Casting is specialized in the production of high-alloyed steel castings which are wear resistant. Also we have been producing low-medium and high alloy steel castings, austenitic manganese steels, high-chromium castings , white cast irons, stainless steel, spherical cast irons ,grey cast irons. Our products are mainly used in mining , quarrying , cement , glass, ceramic, aggregate and concrete industry. Keeping in mind the health and the safety of the workers of all things, we are realizing our production in an environmentally friendly manner. VIZE CASTING LTD.

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