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Our company, working in the sector of woodworking and furniture machinery from 1987, plans to strengthen foreign dealer network and increase export dimension as the first target. Founded in 1987 and completed its efforts of institutionalization in 1994 Varol machinery is experiencing the honour of serving you with its 3500 square meter showroom and 2000 square meter revision factory located on Nato street umraniye. Creating pre-sale and post-sale customer oriented solutions, Varol machinery is doing its best to actualize its responsibilities given by leading position it has in the sector. Our firm is serving you in woodworking and furniture machinery sectors by selling and bartering both grand new and secondhand machines with payment facility and free post-sale technic service help. Besides we provide you a great range of local machines with the brands we are serving as the dealers of. Serving partly in exportation from the day it is founded till 2001 and showing improvements acting professionally in exportation from 2001, Varol machinery is exporting to Eastern Block countries and Eastern Europe countries. Varol machinery, aiming to increase its present foreign dealers and contributing Turkey economy system by expanding its exportation dimension, is exporting to the countries such as Romania, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Kazakhistan, Syria, Ukraine, Morocco, Egypt ,Saudi Arabia, Norway, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Israel, Philistine, Ethiopia, Kosovo, Daghestan, North Iraq, Iraq and Jordan.

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