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Volteks is existing and acting as a private family company. Managing director, Volkan Gurel, born in Germany 1972 is leading the operation business since 1992 and is also member of board in the weaving factory in Bursa. Volteks functions as a producer and moreover due to the vertical set-up has numerious advantages. Especially in the huge collection of shirt/blouse fabrics and the innovation of latest collections in designs/colors Volteks is leading in the european market. Financial problems do influence the market and economy worldwide, thus the cash flow thus the cash flow is no longer on a stable level. As a result the consumption is getting less especially also in textiles. Since 2008 and because of the actual background Volteks Tekstil has eliminated the negative trend with a very tough and structured concept. In accordance with our key account clients in Germany and Europe we create precise and sucessful latest fashion. We offer 2 businessoperation: 1) the classical “preorder”system and 2) the “spot” delivery system. The “spot” system is offering a number of advantage, which motivate our clients to reduce the relative high percentage of the asian import (unforeseen risks in lead times and a high engagement of pre-finance). At any time we grant to our customers deliveries in frequent terms of shirts from Turkey and assure a controlled and time safe supplying source. The vertical set up and the speed of our weaving mills/ shirt/blouse factories enable us to work on continious orders with transparent quantities/turnover figures. High frequency of the buying orders and the time window (deliveries within 4-6 weeks including fabric) do positively influence the turnover as big quantities and non sold items are eliminated through this system. The efficient capacity volume in our factories and a very sharp controlling in overheads also leads to a very interesting price range which nearly can reach the asian level. We are offering a so called “directselling”, means the middleman (Importer, Converter) is not involved and therefore this part must not be calculated. Payment : Individual, mostly 10-30 days after receipt of goods Prices : Individual (depending on styles and fabrictype) Delivery : Short lead times within 4-6 weeks from order receipt MinimumQuantities : Between 300-700 pieces per design/color Factories: Running vertically (spinning, dying, eaving,finishing, shirtproducing) Result: : High quality standard, strict qualitycontrol, punctual deliveries Collections. :Permanent new design/colors in a turnus of 4-6 weeks. In qualities of CVC and 100% Cotton. Solid in piecedyed, colorwoven in yarndyed. Flat weave, dobby, seersucker, crash Shirt Lines :Different lines produce casual shirts and dress/city shirts Capacity : 45.000 - 60.000 pieces per month

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