Hello Dear Partner, Wise of Trade establish of 2005 in America for Machinery services. We built of 2015 in Istanbul and we opened new brand office in Germany 4 months ago. Wise’s Of Trade’as our regular machines selling continues on a regular basis our shipment. We have a a lot of second hand machines and trucks. We are honoured cooperation with your company. We would like to share with you the machines & you can share your all machines and trucks for sale with us. As you know; Wise of Trade Provide Domestic or overseas Machines Buy - Turn-key Sales services and Logistics Services all over the world. We have very special agreement with ship owners. We work with ship owners same as agency. We want to share your stock with our client. So we need different price from your webpage. We will make sales operation with you for our clients. Also we provide Logistics Services pole to pole. We will give best services and best prices to your company for RO-RO Transportation. From Turkey to Europe, From Europe to Africa, UAE etc. * We provide The world largest second hand construction machinery auctions and the most appropriate to the demands of you used or 0-km all construction machinery, all type cranes,new trucks,tractor head.. *We have large stock of new trucks, trailers, 4x4, 6x6, 6x4 ,8x4 ,8x8 and heavy equipment. All having export specifications, designed for heavy duty use against competitive pricing Wise of Trade offers a unique concept. * All work in EUROPE, U.S.A U.A.E. AFRICA , TC. REPUBLICS machines are making their research widely park machines according to your request we provide the most suitable machine. * If your machines of reports request we're getting reports of appraisal. * We have all the necessary maintenance of the machines. * We can organize with expert team international transport and customs operations. * We provide overseas domestic shipping and Sea transport operations are also made and delivered to a port in Turkey. * We can perform final destination until the destinations that accompany the transit countries and destination countries, our team of current operations we carry out final destination with follow-up resolved with urgency. We have best prices and best services for logistic and machinery to our clients. I wish we will cooperation with your company for a long time. Best Wishes,

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