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**strong text**Yalcinlar Aluminium, which was established and founded in Istanbul in 2010 with the decision to leave the importer identity behind and continue its journey with its manufacturer identity with 20 years of sectoral experience, has continued to produce aluminium composites within its structure with its plastic granule production, aluminium coil coating and high capacity aluminum composite panel production facilities. In terms of sales figures and production capacity, it is one of Turkey’s three largest aluminium composite panel manufacturers. Since its establishment, Yalcinlar Aluminium has created aluminium composite panel solutions tailored for people, organisations or projects through its Eurametal, Metalbond and Mgbond brands reaching far and wide from Angola to England, from Tajikistan to Germany, offering a wide range of colour and texture options with its continuous and stable investment and R & D studies and its ability to carry out all production processes of the product from plastic granules to aluminum coil coating within its structure.

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