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      Yaprak Confection and Textile LimitedCompany has been established as a fabric supplier in 1975 at first and hasbecome men’ shirts manufacturer in 2000. Our field is manufacturing andmarketing  to promote products on aworldwide basis. Wehave been serving domestically and internationnally minded to our customers andgrowing company in Foreign Trade. Besides, we have already experience in exportbusiness, especially in European  markets.Our dailyproduction capacity is 1500 units and we are able to make any kind of shirt production  by our 100 dedicatedand skilled workers. Furthermore, our quality assurance team is tasked to checkevery step of the production to ensure the best quality goods for ourcustomers. Meanwhile special order is acceptablefor us.

  Wetreat you, our customer, as a guest. Our staff are trained to deliver superiorcustomer service, with a smile!We care about your  needs and will offer our best solutions,incorporating style and a great price to fit those specific needs. Our objectiveis to make you happy and satisfied.If you are looking for a reliablemanufacturer, and concerned about a worry-free process, Yaprak Confection andTextile Ltd. is your answer! Let's work together to create a new and brilliantfuture. 

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